Thursday, July 24, 2014

As an adjective
                   I have 3 biscuits
                   I ate one biscuit
                   I ate another biscuit.   (one more)
                   Then I ate the other biscuit.          (the remaining)
                   I saw some people walking,
                   and I saw some other people running.          
                                  (separate from the first group)
Here are 5 CD’s. Two are mine,
                   but the other CD’s are my sister’s.                  (the rest)

As a pronoun
                   I saw 3 butterflies.
                   I caught one.
                   I caught another.
                   Then I caught the other.
                   I saw some monkeys eating bananas
                   and I saw some others eating tofu.

                   Here are 7 books. One is mine,
                   but the others are my father’s.

That’s the basics, now here are some more:
Every other (every second)
I exercise every other day. 
 (Monday but not Tuesday, then Wednesday but not Thursday etc)

Any other (separates one from its group)
                   I’m taller than any other person in my office.
                   I’m taller than any of the other people in my office.

Ok and to finish it off, some difficult ones that even grammar experts argue about:

Each other (a reciprocal pronoun) That sounds confusing but it means it shows the same action (or more often feeling between) two people.

                   They are in love with each other.

One another (same as each other but when there are more than 2 parties involved)

                   People should try to be kind to one another. (as in all people)

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