Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Australian Dictionary "B"

back of beyond - Way out there somewhere; remote. See the black stump and woop woop.

bag of fruit - Rhyming slang for a man’s suit.

Balmain Bug - Small type of crayfish. Named after the trawlermen of the historic Sydney suburb of Balmain, who pioneered the industry. See Moreton Bay Bug. 

barbie - Barbecue. “Let’s go down to thebeach and have a barbie.” Also, “He’s a few snags (sausages) short of a barbie” is used to describe someone who is a little crazy.

barney - An argument or a dispute.

barrack - To give encouragement to your sports team.

barramundi - Aboriginal name for a large tasty fish found in the waters of Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

battler - Someone who struggles hard to make ends meet or to overcome adversity. “He’s a
real Aussie battler.”

beaut or beauty - Great! Terrific! Also pronounced beaudy, or bewdy.

bell - To call someone on the telephone. “I’ll give you a bell from the back of beyond.”

big-note - To boast and exaggerate one’s wealth and power.

billabong - A water hole in a dry river bed. “Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong…”
bickie - A cookie.

bingle - A minor car crash or accident. See prang.

billy - A metal can, usually tin, enamel ware or aluminium used for making tea over an open fire. 

black stump - An imaginary point dividing civilization and the Outback. “She’s the biggest big-noter this side of the black stump.” See back of beyond and woop woop.

blind freddy - The person who can immediately see the bleedin’ obvious. “Blind Freddy can tell he’s a bludger”.

bloke - A male.

blowie - Blowfly. Sometimes jokingly referred to as Australia’s national bird. See Aussie salute.

bludger - Someone who doesn’t pull their weight at work and sponges off others.

blue - To have an argument or a fight.

bluey - Nickname for a bloke with red hair. Also, a swagman’s blanket roll.

blue heeler - A nuggety cattle dog with a blueflecked coat, popular with bushies and city folk alike.

boomer - A large male kangaroo. It is believed by some Aussie youngsters that Santa Claus’ sleigh is pulled by six white boomers.

boot - Trunk of a car.

bombed out - Unsuccessful, also drunk.

bonzer - A great bloke or sheila. “He’s a bonzer bloke to have on your side in a blue.”

bottler - Someone (or something) who performs well.

bottle shop - Liquor store, often part of a hotel. Also known as a ‘bottlo’.

breakkie - Breakfast.

brolly - An umbrella.

brumby - From an Aboriginal word meaning a wild horse.

bubbler - A drinking fountain.

bucket, to - To dump on someone; to blame them for everything.

Buckley’s chance - Absolutely no chance.

budgie smuggler - A tight men’s swimming costume. Named after the budgerigar, a small colourful native bird.

bull artist - A teller of tall tales; a braggart. Closely related to a big noter.

Bundy - The town of Bundaberg in Queensland. Also the name of a popular brand of rum.

bung, to - To put on an act; to throw. “There’s no need to bung it on with me.”

bush, the - Unspoiled land beyond the city with natural vegetation. Also, “to go bush” is to get away  from all your troubles. “Bruce’s gone bush.”

bushie - Used to describe someone who lives miles from anywhere. “Bazza’s a real bushie.”

bushed, I’m - “I’m tired.”

bushranger - An outlaw in early colonial days. Ned Kelly was one of Australia’s most notorious bushrangers.

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