Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Australian Dictionary "A"

ace = Excellent

ANZAC = Members of the Australian and NewZealand Army Corps in World War I. Anzac Day, which falls on April 25, is a national holiday. Delicious biscuits (cookies), made with oats and golden syrup, are also known as Anzacs.

amber fluid = Beer. “Lets have a quick transfusion of amber fluid.”
ankle-biter = A small child. See rug-rat.
apples = Everything’s under control, as in “She’s apples.”

arvo = Afternoon.
Aussie = Australian.
Aussie salute = The backward and forward waving of hands before the face to shoo away the flies.


  1. Hahaha. Funny. A action to shoo away flies has a specific name!

  2. Because it is SO common in Australia.
    I love that there are almost no flies in Japan.