Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Japanese wedding part 2

Here are some more pics of the wedding I went to in Kouchi!

    Showing off my gorgeous bouquet with the beautiful newly weds
That is what my dress looked like, Takami! ^^ Super simple really!
 Very elegant decorations in the hall. The bride looooves Paris!
                                   Stunning dining room

           The beautiful couple with their amazing kimonos
 The food was exquisite! Lobster, delicious meat, sushis, sashimis, and so much more!
 A little present for the bride since she loves Paris that much ^^


  1. Wonderful wedding! And your red dress really suits you. You're like an actress.
    How did you know the bride? Is she an ex-colleague?

  2. Thank you Marine!!
    Your dress is simple, but you look gor~geous♬♩♫♪☻(●´∀`●)☺♪♫♩♬
    And, the bride's both dresses are fantastic☆
    I also like the Paris taste decoration.

    Anyway, congratulations to your friend ♥

  3. It was wonderful, indeed Masa! Thank you!
    I used to to teach her french and we just became friends. She is a really sweet and funny girl. She moved back to her hometown in Kouchi but we still keep in touch.

  4. You are welcome, Takami!
    Thank you very much!! >3<
    Yeah, her dresses were beautiful! soooooo beautiful!!
    So elegant, right?!

    Thank you! She is currently enjoying her honeymoon in Germany and France ^^