Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bazza & Davo...?

There is a popular Aussie habit of nicknaming mates and (friends) by embellishing the endings of their first names with an “o”. For example, if your name is David, you may find yourself being called Davo; likewise, Stevens can expect to be called Stevo; and Johns to be called Johnno. Names ending in “n” or “y” are often transformed by a “zza” ending. A Gary is almost invariably known as Gazza, Barry as Bazza, Sharon as Shazza.


  1. What are you called in Australia, Phil?

    1. Well as Phil is already a nickname for Philip so that is what people call me most of the time. Although some of my stupid friends sometimes call me Pip, Philby, Philbo, Phildo, Philbot, Phillus and an assortment of other nonsense...