Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My first japanese wedding

Two weekends ago I went to Kouchi prefecture. One of my japanese friends invited me to her wedding and I was very excited to attend. I had never been to a japanese wedding before and I heard many stories on how it works here but I was definitely happy to experience the whole thing. It was purely gorgeous. I was lucky to go that wedding as many people said this wedding was kind of exceptional given the venue, the decorations, the food,... it was truely beautiful! I felt a bit nervous since I went by myself and I was told there are many rules  you should follow at a wedding. But my friend had me meet her friends at the hotel before going to the wedding place so I felt much less stressed and pretty much at ease surrounded by easy going girls of my age ^^

Here is a picture of the pretty bride and her friends who really did a great job at being friendly and helpful to me!


  1. I'm happy and feel a relief to hear you enjoyed japanese weddeing!! Did you have time to sight seeing in Kouchi? I wanna see your dress(。-ܫ-。)♥

  2. Looks girls are happy. Anyway, what was the most difference between Japanese and French wedding?

  3. Thanks Takami! I had two hours to enjoy kouchi so I didn`t have much time but my hotel was next to a big shopping arcade and a market so I enjoyed that a lot!
    Let me post some more pics this afternoon! hehehe!!!!

  4. We had a fantastic time for sure, Masa! There are sooooo many differences between a japanese and a french wedding, I really don`t know where to start!
    I guess the COST of the wedding is the biggest difference, hahaha! Honestly, a wedding can be costly in France but it`s just a different level and it`s not that common I`d say.