Thursday, July 3, 2014

Movie review: 300 Rise of an Empire

I saw the latest 300 movie last Sunday. For those that don't know it is the second movie in a series. The first move, just called 300, was released years ago, and when I saw it I thought it was really good. So I was hoping this new one would be even better. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed. It was similar to the first film, but it didn't really do anything new. The evil character played by actress Eva Green was good, but all the other characters were very forgettable. One big problem I had was that half the cast (including the hero) were Australian actors. They made almost no attempt to cover their natural accents and Aussie accents just sound wrong for ancient Greece. I kept waiting for them to add a "mate" at the end of all their lines.


If all you want is the blood and violence you got in the first film, maybe give it a try. 
If you were hoping for something bigger and better than the first one, maybe give it a miss.
(I gave it a bonus point because I love the historical setting, 
and was glad to see a strong female character.)

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  1. I've also watched the first one. It was really good. So I was expecting the second one. OK, I'll rent it years later.