Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Byond the Black Stump

The "Black Stump" is an Australian metaphor for the middle of nowhere or the end of civilization. It is also a comic strip, that like Ginger Megs appears in many newspapers around the country. Can you get the following comic strips?

(click for larger images)


  1. It's kind of hard for me. The following is my comments. Check them.
    1. The weather in Melbourne tends to change?
    2. The hedgehog misunderstood what the bird said. Oh boy.
    3. I got the story, but what's "floyd"?
    4. He felt like drinking beer because he heard the terrible news.
    5. I couldn't understand. Help me.
    6. What's orange boy mean?

  2. Pretty good job Masa

    1 Yeah Melbourne is known as the rainy city.

    2 Its not a hedgehog is an Echidna! In Japanese you say ハリモグラ which is a terrible name (its not a モグラ/mole but it is one of the very few egg laying mamals)
    but anyway yeah Solo normally means guitar solo but he meant he had only one audience member.

    3 Floyd is just the echidna's name.

    4 I guess the platypus thinks drowning in beer is a good way to die.

    5 The boy was sick when he took his test so he asked for special consideration. The teacher said OK you can have add extra 10% to your score to make up for being sick. Unfortunately the boy got 0 on his test, so 0 + 10% is still 0.

    6 An orange boy brings players orange slices at half time at sports games. I'm not sure if this is an Australian only thing or not.