Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Thanks for attending the Halloween parties we had at 
school last Saturday! I think we all had lots of fun 
and I already look forward to next year`s party!

Not sure  I `m going to ask him for a slice...

Phil and his favourite Lanister!

Thank God that Alice didn`t have her arms around me! 
Don`t know how the kids did it!

RLE`s awsome teachers!!!

Congratulations for all your prizes!

Super cute Devil and funny clown

Hinako the pumpkin and Daisy Sara 

Time to eat!! Paella, sushis, salad, wraps,....yummy yummy!

Ryota the witch and his beautiful smile 
won`t lose to freaky Alice!!!


  1. They are so funny!
    I had a great time.Thank you very much!!

    And haunted house!!!!!
    I was really scared...

    Super cute Devil(^ ^)lol

  2. awesome pictures, huh!?

    Thanks for coming! We had lots of fun, too!

    Hahaha! You were so terrified, Aiko, you were hilarious!!

    Cutest devil ever! ^v^

    PS: I hope you got read of the marker easily!!??? lol