Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I went to Hokkaido last weekend.
It was cold of course, but not a bad as we expected.
The first night we stayed in Otaru.
It's a very cute little town, 
with lots of old European style buildings.

They also brew local beer.

The next day we drove to Hakodate.
It is also a very cute little town,
with a lot of influence from Europe.

It is also most famous for its lovely night view
of the city from the top of the mountain.

Before we drove back to Sapporo we stopped at
the Hakodate museum of northern peoples.
I found it rather interesting as there are very
few places where you can get information on
Ainu culture. Have a look if you get the chance.
We had a lovely time and will definitely go back
to Hakkaido to see more of the beautiful countryside.


  1. You seem to be having a lot of fun:)
    ooh,What a beautiful night view!

    I've never been there.
    I wanna go to Hokkaido!!!


  2. Thanks Aiko. Yeah I have been doing a lot of fun stuff recently. Guess I'm catching up for all the fun I missed because of my studying. You should definitely go to Hokkaido, it's beautiful, but you might want to wait till it gets a little warmer :P