Saturday, November 16, 2013

20 Things Nobody Told You While You Were Growing Up

There are many things you learn in school that you don't use now.  But, there are also many things you didn't learn in school that you had to learn while growing up.  If someone had just told you some of these things or if you had only remembered these things as child, maybe growing up wouldn't have been so difficult. 

1.  You're going to spend a LOT of time figuring things out
2.  Don't expect smooth seas (you will run into some "storms")
3.  Learn about personal finance NOW
4.  Assume change will come
5.  Keep your plans loose
6.  Time is a limited resource
7.  Life is hard
8.  You're only young once
9.  Make your health a priority, not an option
10.  Attitude determines your altitude
11.  How you treat people matters
12.  Relationships don't come easy
13.  Be prepared to deal with changes in relationships
14.  Take every chance you get
15.  Let go of expectations
16.  Life is complex.  Try not to worry
17.  You get what you put in
18.  You will face rejection
19.  You will not have everything figured out anytime soon
20.  Love more and keep your heart open

Now if this was taught to you in school, wouldn't life be a little easier?  Maybe?  Well what do you think?

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