Friday, November 15, 2013

A note on homework

We know that everyone is busy, life can be crazy sometimes, 
but if you want your English ability to improve you need to study. 
Coming to your lesson each week is a great start 
but it's not enough by itself. 

You need to be reading, writing, listening and speaking 
as much as you can. Read a book, write a journal, 
watch a TV show, sing along to your favorite English song. 
Do whatever you can, it doesn't really matter how long, 
10 minutes a day is better than nothing, 
having fun is what really matters. 

You should do most of your learning before class, 
because class is your chance to practice what you 
know with the teacher. Speak, speak ,speak as much as 
you can in class and read, read, read, 
as much as you can at home. 

Good luck!

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