Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Ramen Burger

Imagine ramen noodles, fried and slight crisp, used as buns and slap a meat patty in between the two "ramen" buns.  Now what do you have?  That's right!  You have a ramen burger!!!

This is the newest craze in Hawaii.  It seems like they have stores selling them in California and New York as well.  So if you have a chance, try 'em!



  1. Sounds good! I can accept this one.

  2. As if a burger isn't unhealthy enough! Sweet zombie Jesus how many calories are in that. They can call it the heart attack sandwich!

  3. Masa - Yea, I definitely wanna try this!

    Phil - Hey it might be a little healthier than your normal burger. Just like how diet coke is supposed to be healthier than regular coke.