Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Australian Election 2013

So I'm going to have to head to the Australian consulate in Osaka one morning this week and place my vote for the Australian 2013 federal election. It's every Australian citizens duty to vote, and you can be fined if you don't (but I would vote anyway because I think its important.)
So you may remember that Australia just had it's first female prime minister (Julia Gillard, who was also Australia's first atheist, unmarried prime minister as well. Which is AWESOME!!!) Well it's that time again and we have to decide between the two parties and their new leaders, (its a two party system). Our options are the Right wing bad guys the Coalition (a combination of the Liberal & Country parties) and their leader Tony Abbot or the left wing good guys the Labour party and their leader Kevin Rudd.
Thing is Kevin Rudd has been our prime minister before and he didn't do a fantastic job, but he is still far better the the pure unbridled evil that is Tony Abbot and his pack of jackals the Liberal party. (You can guess who I will be supporting, oh and if Abbot wins I will be give up my Australian citizenship and become Japanese :P)

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