Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Wooooo hooooo
Japan has the 2020 Olympics.... and I don't care.
No wait! I do care, I'm anoyed by it already.
You know why? 
Because for the next 7 years all I'm going to hear is
"Olympics this, and Olympics that."

Honestly are you really excited?
Can you really not wait to see the weight lifting?
Heaven knows I enjoy nothing more than watching a 
gigantic Russian woman pick up something heavy. 

(I'm being very very sarcastic now)

Greco-roman wrestling? The shooting? The shot put? 
The javelin? Horse riding? Synchronized swimming? 
Rhythmic gymnastics? Trampoline?
Does anyone honestly look forward to them? 
They could cut the whole thing down to one afternoon, 
just show us the running and swimming finals and the 
women's pole volting and beach volley ball. 
(If you know what I mean.)

 I think the only thing that will make it worth while 
is that it will force the government to clean 
up Fukushima quickly and properly. 
Which they might never have bothered with otherwise.

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