Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ayashi no Ceres

This is the very first manga I ever read. It is not big in Japan but it was one of the first mangas that came out when I was in high school so it was really popular (especially among girls). I remember my friends taking me to that mangas shop. I had a look at all the ones they had and I just fell in love with the design of Ayashi no Ceres. I would pick a manga based on its cover and I (still now) always pay much attention to the design. Then of course I will read what the story is about. I watched the anime of Ayashi no Ceres when my friend got that wonderful CD box a year after. I litterally fell in love with the music opening. And yesterday I was on the train (after an awesome day at the beach!!) and I just wanted to listen to some peaceful music and sleep for a while.
I don`t know why or how but I immediately looked for that song and when I arrived home, I jumped on my computer looking for the anime to watch online!!! Already been shedding a few tears since last night but it`s nothing until I see the ending. And I know I`m gonna hate it and I know how it is going to end but I know myself too weel and Jeeeeeeesus! Somebody`s gonna use the whole tissue box! (Wow! that was a lot of "I know" in just one sentence!)

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