Thursday, February 14, 2013

la dodo le la!

Here is the local beer in Reunion. Don`t ask me how it tastes, I have never tried since I am not a beer can see a dodo (the bird/turkey-looking animal) on it. Dodos don`t exist anymore but they remain a symbol/mascot of Reunion`s beer. Lots of people know about dodos because of the movie "Madagascar". Personally I used to read books about Reunion when I was a kid that talked about dodos and seeing them everywhere on the beers...that is why I was surprised when I realized quite many people did not know about that animal! What`s normal for you isn`t always for the others!


  1. I have known dodos. They are already extinct, aren't they?
    By the way, the dodo on the beer label is pretty cute. I like it.

  2. You`re right there are no more dodos!
    Right? I think it is cute too!