Friday, February 8, 2013


Here is another one Reunion people love to eat as an appetizer: "Bouchon"! I looooove it! It is chinese and looks like japanese shumai but it is much more delicious (of course!). I find shumais much bigger pretty greasy. In Reunion they are made of pork too but they are smaller and have less fat. You have other flavors such as chicken or shrimp. You eat them with soy sauce and some chinese super hot red sauce. I like to have a sandwich with bouchons with soy  sauce and melting cheese on top and eat it on the beach...that`s just heaven!


  1. Sweet Jesus, and after eating that
    sandwich what do you do next?
    Lie down and pray to die quickly?

  2. thanks for the laugh but to answer your question, NO!
    You just have to try it is delicious!! Seriously!
    And next, you have a little nap before getting a board to go surfing!!