Saturday, February 9, 2013


Have you heard of Burger King?  I haven't seen any in the Osaka area, but I have seen a few in the Tokyo area.  Well, in America it is a fairly popular fast food restaurant.  Their most famous burger is called the "Whopper."  Their burgers are all charcoal-grilled so they taste pretty good.  Well, in Japan, this chain closed in 2001 and they reopened again in 2007.  To celebrate their reopening, they had a special promotion for unlimited burgers and fries.  But, you cannot just get this very simply. 

First, you have to order a "black burger" meal, finish it all, and present the receipt and wrapper to the counter.  Very interesting huh? 

Then, you can start your buffet of burgers and fries.  But you have to be quick because you only have 30 minutes to chow down all the burgers and fries you can eat. 

Unfortunately, this promotion is no longer available, but hopefully it makes a come-back some time soon. 

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