Friday, February 22, 2013

8 Ways Your Cellphone May Change

So what's the newest cell phone going to look like?  Well, here are  8 possibilities of some of the next generation cell phones.   Who knows?  You might see come of these as soon as this year....

This cell phone is for the visually impaired.  It uses braille for its keypad and raised mechanical dots on its display.  Now pretty much everyone can use a cell phone.

 This next phone is a "script" phone.  You can "roll out" the  extendable, flexible flat screen and watch videos or type out a long email on it.  This "roll out" screen stiffens with a small electrical current.

Do you remember those slap on your wrist bands?  Well here is the cell phone version of that.  This cell phone wraps around your wrist.

 This next phone can be clipped to your ear and be used like an earpiece.  It has a camouflage function that changes color to imitate your skin when you use it as an earpiece. 

This next phone is your lego block version of a cell phone.  You can combine many blocks together to make a bigger screen for your phone.  Or, you can just keep one if you want a compact phone.

  This is your futuristic watch type cell phone.  It has a retractable screen, and curls perfectly to fit your wrist and fingers.  And then can be used as a normal cell phone. 

This next phone is a projector type phone.  It can project its screen onto any flat surface.  Kind of cool, since my phone can do it as well, but it needs a special attachment which costs extra...

This last phone is a very simple transparent circular phone.  It can easily slip into your shirt pocket or any pocket.  Cool?  Yes!  Fashionable?   Not really...  --->


  1. I also think cell phones will change wearable devices in the future. We might never forget a cell phone.

  2. yea true. they are gonna be a part of your clothing so you can almost never forget it unless you wore the wrong shirt or pants today.