Tuesday, November 6, 2012


One word that many people may like but hate at the same time would be "diet."  How many of you have tried dieting?  There are thousands of diet programs out there and of course you have tried one, or two, or maybe over 20 different programs.  Some work for some people, and others might not.  But one thing you should not forget about when dieting, is to eat.  Yes!  Eating healthy is very important when dieting.  So here are some foods that help when you are dieting. 

Blueberries (all berries like strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries work, but blueberry contains a higher concentration of antioxidants)




Green tea


Quinoa (a type of grain)

Yogurt (low-fat dairy will be the best choice)


Chocolate (Yes!  Something good to eat!  But don't overdo it, or else it will produce negative results.  Keeping to one or two small pieces a day is the trick.)

There you have it.  Keeping to these foods will not guarantee a successful diet for everyone, but hopefully at least 50% of people will be able to successfully achieve their diet goals.  Many people invest money and time on aesthetic salons, but don't forget to invest money and time on your body as well.  It is supposed to last for 100 years!

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