Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gaahhh!!! What smartphone should I get???

Some of you may be thinking of getting a smart phone, but there are so many out there that you don't know which one to pick.  Well to help you out, you can start by picking your OS.  OS?  Huh, what's that?  It is your operating system for your smart phone.  It's just like when you buy a computer, you choose a Windows or Mac.  So let's begin with this step first. 


This is for people who love to have control over their phone and customize it to their liking.  Also, if you are on a low budget, you might want to think about Android smart phones.  Most are fairly inexpensive compared to the iPhone.  If you are someone who uses Google services (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.) a lot, then this phone will be great for you. 


This is for people who want a simple interface (display).  If you are not really the technical computer type person, then the iPhone will be good for you.  Mac users and design lovers will love this phone. 

Windows 8

If you are looking for a simple customizable interface (display), then this phone is for you.  I guess you can say that it combines the simplicity of the iPhone and the customizability of the Android.  If you are Windows fan, this phone will be for you.

So there you have it.  I hope this will serve as a guide for anyone looking to buy their first smart phone.  I personally do not have a smart phone yet.  Why?  Well, you can ask me in person at school.  


  1. Thanks for your guide! It helps bunch of students to choose a smartphone.

  2. no problem! its very brief but i hope it helps.