Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This morning I got up a bit early to go to Arashiyama and see the red leaves I so wanted to see. There was almost no one and the sky was so blue, it was perfect. One hour later though all the tourist buses started to show up and it got much more crowded! Fortunately I was on my way back home already! Here are some pictures I took. Have any of you been there this year? It feels awesome to wake up and see such a beautiful scenery before heading to work!


  1. Nice pictures!
    I haven't been to Arashiyama this year yet, but went there last year. It was chilly at the time.How was it when you visited?

  2. Thank you!
    It was great, really beautiful and the weather was so sunny it wasn`t that cold. Plus, you walk so much your body temperature quickly rises!

  3. Hi, teachers!
    I am a man just passing by.
    Were these pictures taken by Phil???
    I don't know you are interested in taking pictures of nature.
    Which camera did you use?
    Is that one of cell phone?

  4. Not me!
    This was Marine.