Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WHAT! No my shirt says 'Samurai'

Yesterday I was talking to a student about the recent blog post 'Some weird clothing', and how it is not only Japanese people who wear clothes with strange English writing on them, but also sometimes foreigners who wear clothes with strange Japanese writing on them. 

But it does not stop there, Oh No! 

Recently it has become a trend in western countries like Australia and America for people to get TATTOOS written in Kanji or another Asian language alphabet. The fact that both the tattoo artist and the customer do not speak the language they are using, and are often just using 'Google Translate' means that idiots are often left with odd or nonsensical words permanently carved into their flesh!

The website HANZISMATTER is dedicated to chronicling the misuse of Chinese characters in western culture. Check it out!

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