Thursday, August 23, 2012

everlasting bananas???

They just came up with a product that prevents bananas from rotting. If you spray that product on the banana it should stay all yellow and pretty for 12 days. The components of that product supposedly reduce the banana`s breathing and kill the bacterias (which are the reasons why it gets brown)... That would sure help reduce the amount of bananas that go to waste in supermarkets everyday but at the same time I do not really want to have more chemicals added on my fruits! What do you think???


  1. Bananas have a very thick skin that we peel anyway, so I guess it would probably be OK.

    We already put a wax coat on apples to make them shiny and last longer. I can't remember the last time an apple went bad on me, damn things last for months!

    I think the real reason lots of our fruit goes bad is because it is already quite old when we buy it from the supermarket. Bananas for example often come from Mexico so they are almost a week old by the time they get to Japan. If we try to buy more locally grown fruit and vegetables they should last a bit longer.


  2. Yeah, you have a point here. I always spend so much time washing an apple before I eat but I know the chemicals are in there already and I never felt sick or anything either.

    I usually buy bananas when they are just getting yellow but within a couple of days they already get those brownish spots, which of course mean it is getting good but I just wish I could keep them a bit longer without having the pressure to eat the whole pack right away!