Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Gadgets to Look Forward to this Fall

There are 7 gadgets to look forward to this coming fall!  Yup 7!  Oh man!  Where am I gonna get the money to buy all of them???

1.  Many people are really looking forward to this one.  Can you guess what it is?   Yup, it's the iPhone 5!  It is expected to come out on September 21.  But knowing Apple, it will probably be delayed to next year.

2.  Can you guess the next one?  Maybe some of you already have heard about the iPad mini.  For those of you who have one, it can be a bit heavy at times, but the mini version will be smaller, lighter and easier to carry around.

3.  This next gadget is called "Surface."  It's Microsoft's tablet and it will have a camera, stand, and a cover that can also function as a keyboard.

4.  Another highly anticipated "gadget", well not quite a gadget is Windows 8.  The new operating system will be touch-enabled so it may pave the way for operating systems in the future.  It will be available on October 26.

5.  Now for the gamers, here is the Wii U.  It combines hand-held gaming with console gaming.  The gamepad controller will have 6.2 inch touchscreen.  I wonder how it will all work out.  You can expect to see it in October or November.

 6.  And here is another tablet.  Kindle and Kindle Fire.  I heard that the Kindle Fire is already sold out.  Wow!  You can expect to see this in October or November as well.

7.  And lastly comes Apple again with another product, Apple TV.  A new and better version is expected once the Cub's win the World Series.  (Which means it may not be for a VERY long time).


  1. I need to buy a tablet for my university course, but there are so many to choose from, and there is always a new one coming out SOON! So I am always tempted to wait. Heard lots of good things about the Google Nexus, but its a bit expensive. The Kindle fire however has very reasonable price tag, but its features a a little spartan... hmmm what to do?

  2. yea there are a bunch to choose from. it really depends what you want to do with your tablet. like choosing a computer. having the functionality will always be a plus since your reasons to use might change in the future. so i would either go with the nexus or ipad.