Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Parasol in my eye

In recent years it has become very common 
for women to use a parasol in summer. 

(Although an umbrella & a parasol are technically the same thing 
an umbrella is usually thought of as something 
to protect one from the rain, whereas a parasol is usually 
thought of as something to protect one from the sun.)

The thing is, the height at which most people 
carry them is around the same level as my eyes, 
(this is not so much of a problem when it is raining, 
as I am also carrying an umbrella which 
in turn, protects my face.)

So if you use a parasol on sunny days, please 
remember to think about taller people when you pass them, 
and if you are on a very crowded street, 
maybe think about not using your parasol 
until you reach a place with not so many people.

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