Friday, September 19, 2014

Subway breakfast

This morning I had to wake up very early to go the consulate. It is kind of far from Settsu Tonda and I have to go all the way to Demachiyanagi in Kyoto. After talking papers, and ID stuff I stopped by Subway. I really love the sandwiches over there! They are simple, you can enjoy the taste of vegetables without any amount of despicable mayonnaise or ketchup and have cheese instead...Is there more to say!!!??? Anyway, I had no idea they have morning sets. I tried this one with chicken and it was delicious!!! Tiiiiiiiiny though! Could have eaten 2 honestly but I stopped by the bakery an hour before....hehehehe!!!


  1. it looks delicious!!!!!!!!!!
    i wanna try it.


  2. It was really good! You need to try it!