Friday, September 12, 2014

Monsters University

Last night I watched MU. I wanted to watch it for a long time but everytime I went to the DVD rental store it wasn`t available... and I finally got a copy last weekend! So last night I watched it and... OMG! What a disappointment!!! I expected to laugh like I did when I watched Monsters Inc. but nothing! Lots of cliches, nothing original really, the story was not that exciting,... I smiled a very few times and let a "kyaaaaaaah" out when I saw Mike as a cute kid but that was it! I am usually a fan of Disney and Pixar animes but MU did nothing for me. Not missing much  if you haven`t seen it (in my opinion!)


  1. Wasn't the second movie of Monsters Inc. good? It's also on my waiting list for a long time. I'll watch it when having enough time. By the way one of my favorite Pixar movies is Ratatouille. It makes me feel like cooking once I watch.

  2. the first one was really good and I thought that one was soooo disappointing!!! ToT I expected so much more!
    Ratatouile is cute! I don`t remember it much though! I should rent the DVD! I saw it when it first came put a few years ago, so I don`t remember much...