Friday, September 26, 2014

Spam Musubi!!!

Growing up in Hawaii, SPAM was like our soul food.  You can go to a supermarket or a convenience store or even a gas station, and find a spam musubi.  For mainlanders, spam is seen as something unhealthy, cheap, gross, and a type of inferior food (poor people's food).  But for people in Hawaii, it is a big part of our culture.

The one thing you should remember when eating spam is to make sure you do NOT eat it straight out of the can.  Just like steak, if you cook it, the fat give flavor to the meat.  Most people marinate spam in soy sauce and sugar, but some just cook it straight.  I also recommend buying the low salt/sodium version of spam.  The regular one is too salty.  Here is a video of how to make a spam musubi, the super simple way:

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