Friday, September 5, 2014

Kobe Animal Kingdom

Last Monday I went to Kobe Animal Kingdom. It is a small zoo out on Kobe port island near the airport. It only took about an hour to see everything, and it is all inside (which was lucky because it was raining on the day we went) I like birds (my mother used to keep many pet birds in Australia) so lucky for me it is mostly birds. There are also many flowers (a hanging garden) and a petting zoo (animals you can touch, rabbits, guniea pigs sheep etc). I had fun and would recommend it if you find yourself in Kobe on a rainy day with nothing to do. Just take the Portliner monorail to K Computer Mae station from Sannomiya.

 Toucan Sam!

 They had a secretary bird!!! 
I was super happy! They eat snakes!!!

 Cute little fellow.

 What is a penguim?

 I forget what this weird rabbit mouse thing was...

 They are very friendly if you have fruit!

 Fat ass capybara was sleepy...

 The staff wont let you ride the giant tortoise...

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  1. I know the park. Because I used to use Iryou Center Mae station next to K Computer Mae station. And the park you went to was called Kacho-en in Japanese a few years ago. It means a park of flowers and birds. I know several things about it, but never been there unfortunately. It looks like you had fun.