Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Australian hypocrisy

So the international court just told Japan to stop it whale hunt as it is obviously not for "research" purposes. And there is the Taiji dolphin hunt that has caused a bit of a brew ha-ha in recent years. It is often Australians who get all teary eyed about it, but they often forget that their own country murders marine life as well. 

Starting this year the Western Australian government has introduced an annual shark cull. (cull is a fancy word for killing, it means to kill just to reduce numbers, not eat or use the animal in any way) This started because of several shark attacks on swimmer in the last few years. Many sharks are endangered and protected species, but we slaughter them so people can relax at the beach. It is pretty easy, if you don't want to get bitten, don't go in the water, it is not as if you 'need' to swim. 

The most disgusting thing is that because sharks are not as cute as whales/dolphins not so many people care about them. Sharks are deadly predators, but they are just as beautiful and important as any other animal on the planet, and should be respected.

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  1. I also watched the judgment about whale hunt by Japanese on TV. I think this matter is attributed to food culture in country. Anyway, I didn't know about shark cull. Human beings always don't try to see what they hate.