Thursday, February 6, 2014

Too cold, stay home watch movies...

It's been so cold recently that I don't want to go 
outside in the evenings. That means that I've 
been watching more movies than usual.

A cross between Ghost Busters and Men In Black. 
Honestly not very good, but I like the actor 
Jeff Bridges and it had a few funny moments. 
(should probably be a 2 but it gets an extra point for the cowboy jokes)

A very long movie, well it felt very long. 
Tells three connected stories one at a time. 
Great cinematography but got a bit boring in places. 

Funny and cute, this movie tells the story of a man 
with mental health problems who introduces his 
"girlfriend" who is a love doll, to his family and local 
community. You think it will be a one joke movie but it's 
actually quite sweet and never gets dirty as you would expect. 

Now I know this is an old one and you have all seen it, 
but I never had. It was fantastic! Great to see a strong 
female character that doesn't need a boy to save her. 
Nausicaä puts those pathetic Disney princess to shame.

1 comment:

  1. I was sooooo disappointed in RIPD! The trailer was soooo awesome I thought! But yeah, a few good jokessaved a little the Kevin Bacon even though that wasn`t his best role.

    Hated Nauusica, was so bored I fell asleep. oh, and I LOVE my Disney princesses!!!!