Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

Last weekend I went to see the Wolf of Wall Street. It was supposed to be good, got nominated for several globes/awards and I have to say I loved the trailer.
I thought the movie was good actually! Some scenes were hilarious and that is actually one thing that was a bit funny/weird. Of course I would be the only one laughing out loud in the room because the japanese audience wouldn`t get the jokes... I don`t blame them at all, though. It is really hard to translate jokes from a language to another, and we also laugh at different things...
But it was good, funny and colorful to say the least! If you`re at least 18 and you can hold it for 3 hours you`re good!!!


  1. I've heard lots of good things about it. Not sure I can stand DeCaprio for 3 hours though. Dude has such an annoying face.

  2. Hehehehe! As soon as I saw there was a comment I KNEW it was from you!!! ^^
    It is good actually but I know how much you love him but how about if the guy was Bradley?? Wouldn`t that be even worse?! Still not convinced, huh...?!

  3. HA HA HA (That's a sarcastic laugh btw)
    I've seen shop window mannequins act better than Mr Cooper. He is not annoying just a bad actor. Leo on the other hand is quite a good actor, I just can't stand looking at him for some reason. Perhaps it's his squinty face, or all those god awful moves he made like Titanic and Rome & Juliette. I wanted to like Inception but couldn't however I did like him in Django. But that is only because he was a bad dude and you were supposed to hate him, which was easy for me.




  4. HA HA HA (that's a real laugh)

    Maybe he would surprise you in Hustle??? can`t tell, haven`t seen it yet, but!! But you`re right, Leo is pretty good and I think he did a great job in Martin`s movie (don`t remember how to speel the freakin` family name). Come on, I cried my heart out when he died in both movies!!! Yeah, I am a super romantic sensitive girl and I`m proud of it! Haven`t watched Django yet!!! It`s on on my "need to watch that movie but always forget" list...

    thanks for the links, once again good laugh though I contained myself so that you don`t bust me!