Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fashion or not

I like fashion and I like to see what new ideas designers come up with. I think fashion is a fun way to express yourself and enables you to mix colors, trends, and to experiment. Of course I am always speechless by some popular trends but that`s the thing with fashion, some people are crazy about it and some people just aren't.. Which is a good thing! I absolutely hate it when people all wear the same clothes, which unfortunately lots of people like to do (especially young people in this country!)
I just found these pictures this morning and I was very surprised by the bags. I don`t know if I hate them or not, I really don`t... These brands make me feel so nostalgic! But I have thing for vintage,...hummm... Really confused! But that`s what`s fun with fashion too!


  1. Well I'm sure the companies will be happy people are advertising their product for free, hell the bags should be free, not wait, they should pay you to carry them (but I bet they are super expensive).....that's why I wont wear Ralph Lauren, Lacoste or anything with a brand on it. I'm not your damn bill board, and I'm certainly not going to pay you to advertise your product, you pay me you bastards!
    (Rant over....)

  2. Honestly, I am surprised they use brands like those on their catwalks, this must not be very legal... or at least they must have an agreement or something! I have to say though, expensive brands usually use good fabrics which enable you to keep your highly paid clothes for a pretty long time. My dad for example, doesn`t like to go shopping (surprise, surprise!). He has been using his Lacoste polo shirts for years and they are still very good. And God knows he wore them every single day! Personally, I like to change my clothes a lot so I don`t mind buying crappy clothes that won`t last two seasons cause eventually I will get bored (surprise, surprise!). Last year, however, I got a bunch of jeans (Cimarron) and they cost me a little but when it comes to jeans I want to have good ones, and being a tall person and knowing I can`t buy any in Asia, I want to keep them for a loooong time ^^