Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The World's Cutest Animals??!!

Here are the top 5 cutest animals in the world according a survey done by CNN Travel.  There is a study that says that cute images stimulates the same pleasure centers of the brain aroused by a good meal, sex, or psychoactive drugs like cocaine.

So are you feeling a little down?  Well, here are some cute images to help get your brain aroused!

5.  Sea Otter

4.  Harp Seal

3.  Giant Panda

2.  Philippine Tarsier

And now get ready for a big tingle in your pleasure center!

1.  Fennec Fox

Did you feel that tingle?  Well, maybe not all of you might agree with the Fennec Fox being the #1 cutest animal.  So what do you think is the cutest animal???

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