Thursday, August 22, 2013

Obon in Australia ~Part 2~

My sister works part time at Wild Life, the zoo attached to Madame Tussaud and the aquarium in Sydney. So, of course she took me there and I had a VIP tour of the place (and even took a picture with the sleeping koalas). I saw all these animals that only live in Australia and it was so much fun! Well, of course, seeing all the snakes was NOT all that fun and freaked me out a tiny bit but..!
 a tasmanian devil (I thought it looks like a cub actually, it`s really cute!)
 a very sleepy kangaroo
 have some competition with the colorful emu!
 lunch time
 cute cuuuute kookaburra (didn`t sing for me though T-T)
 The best 3 kangaroos out there
 Thank God the real one was not that big and a 1 metre thick glass seperated us!


  1. That big bird is a cassowary,

    similar to an Emu

    both stupid looking crazy things

  2. oopsiiiiiiie!!! thanks for that!


  3. wow!
    Three Beautiful kangaroos:)

    It looks like fun!!!!
    I wanna go to there.


  4. you are the sweetest Aiko!!

    It was lots of fun! Whenever you go there let me know, I will ask my sister to give you a discount!!! ^^