Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kakogawa Fireworks

Last Sunday night I went to the Kakogawa fireworks festival. 
Unfortunately the weather was not fantastic, and it rained 
on and off most of the time. This meant we had to stand under 
a bridge to avoid getting to wet, and our view of the fireworks was
not so fantastic. Also the smoke from the fireworks blocked our 
view of them, by the second half of the show we could see 
almost nothing. Oh well, you can't control the weather. 
Will just have to hope for better luck next time.

This is a very bad photo, but it's the only 
one we got in which you can see fireworks :P

One thing I think really spoils lovely Japanese festivals 
is all the garbage on the ground. They don't provide 
any bins, (i guess it's easier to just pay people to pick it up later) 
so everyone just throws their garbage straight on the ground. 
After an hour or so the whole place looks absolutely terrible.

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