Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pacific Rim

I was busy studying over the obon break, 
but I did take time to pop out to the cinema. 
I saw the new kaiju/gundam action extravaganza
"Pacific Rim"
It was entertaining but not as great as I was hoping, 
as lots of my friends said it was awesome. 
So yeah, the monsters were cool and the fights were fun, 
but here is why I thought it wasn't a stand out film for me. 

Towards the end all the kaiju started to look exactly the same. 
(At first they were all cool and different, and I was excited to
see how freaky they would get, but after the 3rd "hammer head"
one they all looked the same, even the level '4' at the end. Booooo

The jagers (gundam) were not very interestingly designed. 
(Why would you give a giant robot fingers, so it can punch the
kaiju, and not.... i dunno giant razorblades or something?

The Australian characters were not played by Australians.
(As an Aussie it drove me crazy listening to an
Englishman and an American stumble along sounding
like drunk Steve Irwins with speech impediments)

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