Tuesday, July 24, 2012

<(゚ロ゚;)>OH NO!!!!

Here are some very weird Japanese foods.  Have any of you tried them or even want to try them? 

1.  Habushu

Of course you can drink this in Okinawa, and I have tried it myself.  It tastes like REALLY strong alcohol.  It wasn't bad, but just seeing the habu in there makes it grotesque.  Some restaurants in Tokyo seem to carry this as well.

2.  Inago

These are locusts and I have never tried them, and I probably won't try them (unless I am really drunk).  People in Nagano and the Tohoku area seem to eat these jumpy critters.  It seems to taste like soy sauce and sugar, so let's all give this one a try!

3.  Hachinoko

The next one here is bee larvae.  Ewww!  Again, people in the Tohoku area eat this.  What is it with the people in the north?  They just love to eat bugs.  These are usually served in a sweet teriyaki sauce or stir fried with butter soy sauce.  Mmm, yummy!

4.  Kusaya

I have never tried this, but I heard the smell of this sends people running to the bathroom.  This is basically rotten fish!  I thought natto was enough, but with fish too?!  It seems to be very popular in Izu, but I don't want to try this even when I'm drunk.  I think they keep the fish for ten years.  Wow!  If any have successfully eaten this fish, you are a true champion!

5.  Sanshouo

The last one is a salamander.  Again, you have to be pretty brave to eat this one too.  I'm not sure but it seems to be illegal to eat them now, but you might be able to find a restaurant somewhere.  It is served yakitori style so it might be pretty good.  People say it tastes like soft shelled turtle, so if you have ever tried turtle, you might like it.

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