Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is no rat, is nutria

Owly Images

A friend of mine took this photo 
on the banks of the Kamo river in Kyoto. 
It's a Coypu or Nutria, 
and they are not native to Japan 
(the originally come from south america) 
When we have heavy rain and the river floods 
(as happened last week) 
these chaps get forced out of the fast flowing water. 
You can find out more about them at their Wikipedia page.


  1. I didn't know a nutria, but looks pretty cute.
    Where are they usually? In a river?

  2. Yes Masa they are semiaquatic, which means they spend a lot of their time in the water. Although they might look cute, kind of like a giant guinea pig yeah? They are in fact really bad for the local environment.