Thursday, July 19, 2012


Anyone know what this fish is called?

Well, I just wanted to share the world's top 10 fish markets in the world.   For more information, check out this article.  Here is the ranking:

1.  La Boqueria: Barcelona, Spain
2.  Tsukiji Fish Market: Tokyo, Japan
3.  Union Square Farmer's Market: New York, USA
4.  Or Tor Kor Market: Bangkok, Thailand
5.  St. Lawrence Market: Toronto, Canada
6.  Borough Market: London, England
7.  Kreta Ayer Wet Market: Singapore
8.  Lancaster Central Market: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
9.  Marché Provencal: Antibes, France
10.  Kowloon City Wet Market: Hong Kong

I have been to Tokyo over 5 times, but have never been to Tsukiji.  I reeaalllly want to go there.  Have any of you been there?  Which restaurants would you recommend?

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