Friday, March 14, 2014

White Day

Happy White Day everyone! Last month some guys were lucky enough to get chocolates so today it is ladies day!!!
I have to say though I am not a fan of those celebrations where you celebrate one gender and later on the other one! Especially when it is a romantic celebration! In France we celebrate Valentine`s Day on February, 14th and that day both boys and girls treat each other! And once again it is a ROMANTIC day so you don`t bother giving chocolates to your boss, your co-workers or friends for Christ sake!!! I mean I always feel happy to get chocolates but I don`t like to feel obliged to give something back! I want to please my friends any time of the year and I don`t need a special day for that. Just like I don`t need a special date to remind my lover how much I care but I guess it keeps the romance up and that is a great thing ^^ (especially since people are usually busy nowadays and tend to forget it is crucial to make their lover feel special)
So, I decided to transform japanese Valentine and White Day into 2 french Valentines and it works reaaaaally good for me!!!Happy lovey-dovey day everybody!!!

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  1. A set of Valentine's day and White day are very particular to Japan. Many Japanese, not all, notice it is different from standard Valentine's day nowadays. I think most women love White day because they are given something by men. But almost all women feel Valentine's day is troublesome, specially Giri-choco.
    By the way, I will support your decision. That is a good way to give happiness to people you like.