Thursday, March 13, 2014

nabe nabe nabe!

If there is one dish I have been eating over and over this winter, it sure is nabe! This is honestly one of my favorite japanese dishes. It is very simple but very tasty and full of meat and vegetables, which I totally love! Tonyu, kimuchi, goma, curry,... I love them all! I sure hate winter but I got to say  it has some very good and delicious points!


  1. What's your favorite nabe? (You can only pick one!)

  2. That is a really tough one but I have to say I love goma-tonyu nabe! ^^

  3. Of couse, nabe is very very popular in Japan. Anybody knows the name of it. Are there any dishes which cooked by putting vegetables and/or meat into a pot like nabe in France?

  4. I just had anoother nabe last night, hehehe! Miso goma! It was sooooo good!
    In France we use a loooot of vegetables but not so much soup with it. You have vegetables in a dish and soup in another. A popular one is ratatouille that is cooked with onions, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplants and pepper. It is delicious!
    But the only dish that is the closest to nabe is "pot au feu". It mixes a broth of vegetables and beef that must be cooked for a long time. In Reunion we do not eat it though. It is a very traditional dish from old France and it is most popular in the winter. Had it once only when I was a kid, remember it was good!