Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Clothing Caste System

Here is a North Face jacket.

You probably have seen these jackets or maybe even own one yourself, and probably never thought much about it.  But if you were in Korea, you would have to think twice about wearing these to school.  

In a recent Korean blog post, North Face jacket wearers can be immediately classified according to the type of North Face jacket they wear.  Here are the classifications:

At the bottom of the list is the North Face Nuptse 2. 

Kids wearing these jackets are considered "losers."

Next on the list is the North Face Nuptse 1.

Kids wearing these jackets are considered either "losers" or "gang members."

Next we jump up a few ranks to the North Face Dry Loft.

"Losers" don't wear this jacket because they are afraid to have them stolen by gang members.  So you would have to be in the middle or top ranks to wear this one safely.

 And at the top we have the North Face Himalayan Down Parka.  

These jackets are only worn by "the boss."  So if you see someone wearing this jacket, make sure you get out of their way!

So there you have it.  Just by looking at one's jacket, you can easily tell what rank that person is.  Childish?  Yes, but this is the reality in Korean schools. 


  1. I prefer these jackets