Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Answer me these questions three...

1st grade EIKEN is super hard, 
even I'm not always 100% sure what the correct answer is. 
Have a look at some example questions 
and see if you can answer them!

1.) "The player we have just signed is strong in attack, 
midfield, and defense," said the soccer coach. "
That kind of  (          ) is just what we need to win this season."
1 versatility   2 absurdity   3 attrition   4 retention

2.) The opening night of the school play turned 
into a (       ) when the lead actor tripped and crashed 
into the stage scenery, causing it to fall on the other performers. 
1 fringe   2 proviso   3 lance   4 fiasco

3.) Terry volunteered to help rebuild the town after 
it was damaged by a tropical storm. 
Because of  his contacts in the construction industry, 
he was put in charge of the (       ) of tools.
1 procurement   2 subjugation   3 amalgam   4 rupture  

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