Friday, October 19, 2012

World's Top Delicious Drinks!

What is the most delicious drink for you?  I'm sure everybody has different answer and opinions for this, so we can take a look at the world see what it says:

10.  Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows - I'm sure you all have tried hot chocolate, but have you tried it with marshmallows?  You have got to try this and you will understand why this drink comes in at #10.

9.  Gin and Tonic - Another good drink and this one is from England.  Again, try this and you will see why many people enjoy this drink. 

8.  Red Wine - Not my favorite due to some traumatic experiences, but a favorite among many.

7.  Orange Juice - Loved by kids and adults of all ages, this drink is good!

6.  Air mata kucing - A sweet drink from Malaysia, it is made from longan (a type of fruit) and sweetened sugar with some winter melons.  Haven't tried it, but it sure sounds good. 

5.  Tea - A favorite around the world.  I can't think of any country that does not enjoy this drink.

4.  Beer - I must say beer is gooooood!  I know there are many who don't like it, but this has got to be one of the most popular alcoholic drinks.  There are many versions of this drink from around the world. 

3.  Coffee - Another classic favorite drunk by people around the world.  I'm sure most of you agree with this, but as for myself, I am not a big fan of coffee.

2.  Coca-Cola - Some of you might be thinking, what?!  But you have seen ads and signs all over the world right?  Thus making it the #2 popular drink in the world.  Plus it comes in many different flavors such as cherry, lemon, diet, and zero.

And the number one drink in the world is............. Believe it or not..........  A drink that everyone absolutely needs................

1.  Water - Imagine a very hot summer day and a ice cold glass of water.  Well most of you might have imagined beer, water is just what your body really needs. 

So there you have it folks.  The top ten delicious drinks in the world.  You can check out this site and you can see all the way to #50. 


  1. I have ever drunk SWISS MISS, Hot chocolate with marshmallows. It was awesome!