Friday, October 26, 2012

Infinitives & Imperatives

Yesterday I was asked about imperatives & infinitives 
so I'd like to go into a little more detail here.

Infinitives are verbs used in a sentence 
most often (but not always) with "to".
For example "to go" "to do" "to eat" "to see".
The sentence "You need not stay if you want to go" 
contains two infinitives, stay and go .

Infinitives can be split 
by putting an adverb between the 'to' & the verb. 
"to better understand" "to boldly go"  "to more than double"

We can use the imperative to give a direct order.
  1. Take that chewing gum out of your mouth.
  2. Stand up straight.
  3. Give me the details.
We can use the imperative to give instructions.
  1. Open your book.
  2. Take two tablets every evening.
  3. Take a left and then a right.
We can use the imperative to make an invitation.
  1. Come in and sit down. Make yourself at home.
  2. Please start without me. I'll be there shortly.
  3. Have a piece of this cake. It's delicious.
We can use the imperative on signs and notices.
  1. Push.
  2. Do not use.
  3. Insert one dollar.
We can use the imperative to give friendly informal advice.
  1. Speak to him. Tell him how you feel.
  2. Have a quiet word with her about it.
  3. Don't go. Stay at home and rest up. Get some sleep and recover.
We can make the imperative 'more polite' by adding 'do'.
  • Do be quiet.
  • Do come.
  • Do sit down.

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