Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Anyone looking for a new camera???

Maybe some of you have already seen the commercials on TV, but one camera I really want is the Nikon Coolpix S800C.  So what makes this camera so great?  Well, it has WiFi and an Android OS in it so you can upload your pictures to Facebook or videos to Youtube or any other SNS that you use.  Now, you're probably thinking why don't you just use your smartphone?  That is true.  You can use your smartphone, but the picture quality is 2x better on the Coolpix.  So if you are a person who doesn't care about picture quality, this camera is definitely not for you since it costs a whopping ¥44,000.   You might be able to find it cheaper on the internet. 

But! Another good thing is that you can download apps onto it and do some picture editing right on your camera.  Again, yes you can do that on a smartphone as well.  But again, the picture quality is better!  And one more downfall to this camera is that it is only WiFi.  So if you have no WiFi connection, you cannot upload your photos or videos.  Well enough talking and now you can take look at this video:


  1. Thank you for telling us.
    Actually, I've heard of this camera before.
    There are no household appliances have an Android OS as far as I know, but they might be come out someday.

  2. You are very welcome. Yea in the future pretty much everything will be able to connect to the internet and have an OS running. Most likely a lot of appliances will be integrated into one item. So that item can be your telephone, computer, camera, music player, video player, and maybe even throw in a laser beam all in one. hehe