Saturday, September 22, 2012

iPhone 5!!!

So how many of you have gotten the new iPhone 5?  Did you wait in line for 2-3 days?  Well maybe you got lucky and were able to pre-order it so you didn't have to wait in line.  How many of you really want an iPhone?  There are many other phones out there that are the same or even better than the iPhone.  I will share some of these phones with you to help some of you decide on a new phone.

so of course here is your iPhone 5.  comes in white and black. 

then here is one of my favorites the samsung galaxy SIII

There are other phones as well like the HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, Motorola RAZR, Samsung Galaxy Nexus (yup another samsung phone), Sony Experia Ion, Motorola Photon Q, Samsung Galaxy Note II, LG Optimus Vu, and last but not least Asus Padfone. 

So which phone will you get???


  1. I'm interested in iPhone 5, but I cannot buy it.
    Did you hear a trouble about Map app in iPhone 5?
    I upgraded my iPad to iOS 6.
    It was almost cool, but Map app was really useless.
    There were TWO Settu-Tonda stations on the map.

  2. haha yea the new map app is horrible! everyone is complaining about it and everything is just not in the correct place. apple cant beat google when it comes to maps. i dont plan on upgrading until it gets better.